Xena Warrior Princess

Collection: Xena Warrior Princess

Princess Xena is a former warrior who now travels the world battling evil. She kept company and assisted in staying on the right path by Gabrielle, the bard and friend. The Battle for Mount Olympus, an animated film, also included the character. The main destinations of Xena's best friend and soulmate are Greece and the Near East, however they also visit ancient versions of Siberia, Norway, India, China, England, and Mauritania. The Xena outfit is famous all over the world! There will be trouble where she is going. Make sure you have a Xena costume fit for the Warrior Princess so you can be ready for anything! You can get a full wardrobe from head to toe like the one Lucy Lawless wore to work every day! Thankfully, ours will cost you a tiny amount of what hers did!