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A store where you can get Replica Swords Online for a price that won't break the bank.  Established in 2000, provides you with a wonderful purchasing experience since our website employs the best customer care agents. We also give online users access to a huge library of: Bids for swords, knives, medieval armor, shields, and props go beyond reasonably priced items. At unbeatable pricing, our products are of the highest caliber. A 100% fulfillment guarantee is also offered with each item. Consider a scenario when you are unsatisfied with a product you ordered from Prop Swords. If so, you may return it (within 72 hours of receipt) for a refund or exchange since we value our customers' pleasure. Discounts provided We provide you with the most modern things at a fair and alluring price. Therefore, kindly sign up for our newsletter. Weekly offers of discounts and coupons are emailed forth.  Oh yes! Also, we wholesale! Please send us an email at wholesale@cosplaykingdom.om for an estimate on our wholesale rates if you have a current business license or tax ID. Age of majority: Customers must be at least 18 years old to order from Props words due to the sort of goods we sell. As a result, if you buy something from Props words, you have to show proof that you are of legal age and that the things are legal to own in your state, county, or city. By selling goods for sale, Props Words does not claim or guarantee that any individual customer may do so lawfully or be the owner of or in possession of the requested goods. Ø PLEASE CHECK YOUR LOCAL LAWS!

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We’re just a small sword and knife store but we come to the world just to make it better.

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We allow small shop to apply for dropshipping with us. We do drop shipping .

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